Telegram Chat Rules

By February 4, 2020 No Comments
  • No Racist Language, this is an immediate ban.
  • No Excessive FUDing, this will result in a warning, then mute, then ban.
  • Questions need to be emailed to or
  • No asking for donations
  • Never send tokens, ETH or any other crypto to anyone, if you are doing a swap please follow the blog post
  • Debate is OK
  • No Personal Attacks on anyone
  • No posting or linking to “pump and dump” groups or any other sort of crypto-related “get rich quick” schemes
  • No Soliciting of Insider Information via DM’s: If you have a question ask in chat, we may or may not answer depending on the question
  • Combot CAS Bans are permanent.
  • No Phishing
  • No DOXing of people, or sending of personal information in chat, this will result in an immediate ban.
  • No blackmailing of people, admins, etc.
  • Ad Hominem attacks will result in a mute of 3 hours, then 3 days then a ban.
  • Anything posted in Chat is tentative: If it’s not posted on Twitter, Pinned in Telegram or posted on our blog consider it unconfirmed.
  • Anyone may be banned or muted at our admin’s discretion, for whatever reason. Our admins are community-driven: if you are seen as being excessively negative for example, you may be muted or banned. Admin bans are final. The only person who can overturn this is the admin who originally did it: do not seek to overturn by going “up the chain”.