Q2 2020 Roadmap

By March 4, 2020 No Comments

Exciting things are happening, and here is an idea of our Roadmap for Q2 2020!

Q2 2020 Goals
– Fully devolve staking onto on-chain DApp
– Fully devolve master nodes/validators onto on-chain DApp
– Integrate EDI x.509 Signatures for account management (gives the ability to control smart contracts through EDI messages)
– Integrate Lendflow with on-chain asset
– Integrate USDC as a stable coin
– Integrate TMS system we have in-house to free product with only transaction pricing
– Get $EDI onto at least 3 exchanges
– Rollout permanent test network (so far it’s only spun up for certain testing).
– Integrate DAML into smart contract stack
– Integrate NFT Exchange Protocol (not released by the team yet)
– Resume Bi-Weekly Conferences (We will have one March 15th via Uber Conference and another March 30th).
– Continue outreach on Social Media
– Complete our Revenova Integration

– Integrate governance mechanism into $EDI
– Airdrop $EDI to Blockchain in Transportation Alliance Members
– Announce 2 new partnerships
– Exploring new use-cases
– Start providing analytics on usage
– Publish case-study with a new customer

If you have any suggestions, reach out to us on Telegram and make a suggestion!