Digital Freight Management.

Powered by Hyperledger Besu.

Built for Enterprise.

Usable by Everyone.

Our Smart Contract Platform provides 100% EDI Integration: You don’t need to have your customers to change any of their workflows to leverage the benefits of paperless documentation, automation and enhanced analytics.

Block Explorer

We offer a public block explorer and a dedicated block explorer for private side chains


GraphQL, WebSocket and RPC Access via our public-nodes. Rated limited, please sign up to get started using these services


View our extensive Github for Documentation including our OpenAPI specification.

$EDI an ERC-20 Token

Powered By Enterprise Ethereum

Freight Trust Network is the first Hyperledger Besu Network to launch for the logistics and supply chain industry. Find out why we are the #1 Platform for Logistics and Supply Chain Companies, Globally.

Smart Contract Library

enables tokenization &

layer-2 capabilities.

 Managed Sidechains for Enterprise Customers

Need the capcity for over 10,000 transactions per second? Private and Permissioned, and secured by our main chain. Sidechain Cost of Ownership is dramatically less than other managed blockchain solutions like Amazon Quantum Ledger. 

Managed EDI

Managed Transaction State

  • ShipperEDI
  • CarrierEDI
  • AS2 Gateway
  • EDI Parser
  • EDI Fabric
  • Forwards
  • Futures
  • Embeded Volumetric Optionality
  • Permissioning 
  • Autonomous