Digital Freight Management.

Powered by Hyperledger Besu.

Built for Enterprise.

Usable by Everyone.

Our Smart Contract Platform provides 100% EDI Integration: You don’t need to have your customers to change any of their workflows to leverage the benefits of paperless documentation, automation and enhanced analytics.

Block Explorer

We offer a public block explorer and a dedicated block explorer for private side chains


GraphQL, WebSocket and RPC Access via our public-nodes. Rated limited, please sign up to get started using these services


View our extensive Github for Documentation including our OpenAPI specification.

ERC-20 $BOL and FTN (Freight Trust Native)

Nodes powered by ERC-20 $BOL

Freight Trust Network is the first Hyperledger Besu Network to launch for the logistics and supply chain industry. Find out why we are the #1 Platform for Logistics and Supply Chain Companies, Globally.

Smart Contract Library

enables tokenization &

layer-2 capabilities.

We have two main libraries:

  • Sterling – Our Layer 1 solution for managing the tokenization of base documents, like bills of lading.
  • MaidenLane – Our Layer 2 solution for enhancing the tokenized assets, providing enhanced functionality like EVO.
Reach out to our Github / License Information

We maintain an active Github Community. Most Libraries are licensed under either BSD-3-Clause or Apache 2.0. We do not utilize libraries that are licensed under either GPL v3 or AGPL.

  • ShipperEDI
  • CarrierEDI
  • AS2 Gateway
  • EDI Parser
  • EDI Fabric
  • Forwards
  • Futures
  • Embeded Volumetric Optionality
  • Permissioning 
  • Autonomous