Digital Freight Management for modern logistics

From Detention Claims & Same-day Invoicing to Automated Price Quoting and Dispatching, enable a seamless communications platform that integrates with your TMS, Accounting, Dispatching, ELD and more. today.

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Next Generation EDI enabled by Blockchain

From 100% Complete Digital Workflow to Supporting Paper-based documents, the Freight Trust Platform works for 100% of your customers, even hazardous material shippments or ITAR Export Controlled Goods.
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Control Tower

Integrate your TMS, Accounting, and Quoting into one control panel.

Customize Documents

Use our industry-standard documents or go with your own. You can create as many custom documents as your business needs, for free.


Full Truck Load and Less than Truck Load support, along with 3PL/4PL and Warehousing, at all subscription levels.

Freight Forwarders

Freight Forwaders and Brokerages are also support (North America and the U.K.)

Shippers and Distributors

It pays to know where a shipment is and whether it looks to be on time or not.

Leverage our A.I. integrations to find out which of your carriers will deliver on-time, the probability of a change in lane pricing, and more, to minimize your risks.

Carriers (FTL/LTL) & 3PLs/4PLs

  • Bill Of Ladings, Rate and Load Confirmations, Invoices, and more, all in one place.
  • All documents can be signed directly on a computer, tablet, or phone – with 100% legality.
  • Know the exact time you enter and leave docks – ensuring accurate detention pay.

Brokers & Freight Forwarders

  • Inform carriers of your desired rates and work out if a job is profitable for you.
  • At-a-glance outline of your finances and shipment timing over several time frames.
  • Invite new shippers and carriers directly through the FMCSA database

Leveraging our Unified Terminal Exchange integrates your Carrier TMS, ELD and Accounting into a combined control panel that provides for every person in the organization to have specific access.

Our latest 3 month study shows for a carrier with a fleet size of ~ 50 trucks:

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Reduction in Detention


Fewer Deadheading


Faster Quoting


Reduction in Admin. Costs


Designed for Maximizing Operational Efficiency

Our philosophy has always been about one thing:
Putting the customer first.

So whether you are new to managing your freight shipping online or have already taken the first steps, our growing suite of solutions can fulfill all of your digital freight requirements or seamlessly integrate with your current software.

Automated Detention Claims means you get your detention paid out to you directly, and automatically handled.

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Stop Deadheading & Detention

Start Automating & Getting Paid, today.

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We put our customers first

Whitelabel | Invoice Factoring | Detention Claims Processing | Accounting & Payroll | ELD Compliance

Eliminate your Detention Claims and Invocing Issues, today.

Exclusive 90-Day Risk Free Trial, for Carriers with less than 50 Tractors.