February 2020 Update

By February 9, 2020 No Comments

We will be announcing a new product service for EDI this week, and a developer will be working with this specific product.

IDEX will be before the end of the month, 27th. This may be delayed depending on our listing with Probit which we will have details for this week. We will make sure swaps are done before then, we have had more people contact us all the sudden about swaps.

CFTC No-Action Letter submitted this Monday.

We are not supporting any subreddits, comments can go to or our telegram:

Weekly updates will be posted on Pioneer. We will tweet the update on Sunday. We will post updates on the blog as well. We are not using pioneer for funding, we are using it because the feedback is valuable to us.

The Telegram Channel and all other public points of contact have an official set of behavior guidelines found here. We will be enforcing this going forward strictly.

We will be at the Pasadena Ethereum Event tomorrow (this coming Monday!) For RSVP go to:

We are also in talks with becoming official contributors to Hyperledger Besu