EDI Token

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Token Supply: 611,029,679 EDI

Contract Address: 0x79c5a1ae586322a07bfb60be36e1b31ce8c84a1e

Decimals: 18

Symbol: EDI


Launched on 03/01/2020 by the USA-based Freight Trust and Clearing Corporation, the Freight Trust Protocol enables frictionless logistics and trade finance in the logistics and supply chain industry between both local and global businesses and enterprises.

The Freight Trust Protocol is a new smart contract enabled digital freight management platform that provides a 100% legally compliant paperless workflow that enables frictionless communications and business transactions. From automating detention claims to financing trade shipments and negotiating a faster customs-clearance process, the Freight Trust Protocol solves key issues that current legacy systems are unable to fully address. Unlike traditional EDI, the Freight Trust Protocol negates the need to have a paper-based document: by achieving both a legal and technical solution to the issues of physicality and electronic uniqueness that is only achievable by the use of blockchain smart contracts, the Freight Trust Protocol enables the logistics networks of tomorrow, today. Our key points of differentiation include a network and clearing participant rulebook ( along with template master agreements that govern relationships between carrier, shipper, and broker.

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EDI Token is an ERC-20 Token that enables access to the Freight Trust Network. The Network is an EVM-based ethereum sidechain that runs off of Hyperledger Besu ( You can stake $EDI to earn more tokens, submit transactions or host a validator (a.k.a. a “master node”). To find out more about $EDI please visit our telegram if you have more questions!

ERC-20 Contract address: 0x79c5a1ae586322a07bfb60be36e1b31ce8c84a1e

Decimals: 18

Symbol: EDI

Exchanges: Probit –


thanks to ligi for all the work you do, we love walleth over here!

Diagram of $EDI Token Staking and Master Nodes