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Principles are what define us, and we choose to lead by our principles.

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Our promise is for easy and transparent lines of communication, email our founder, call our office or reach out on twitter or linkedin. 



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Designed for Tomrrows Logistics.

Our philosophy has always been about one thing:
Putting the customer first.

So whether you are new to managing your freight shipping online or have already taken the first steps, our growing suite of solutions can fulfill all of your digital freight requirements or seamlessly integrate with your current software.

Automated Detention Claims means you get your detention paid out to you directly, and automatically handled.

Preparing for Industry 4.0

As vast swaths of automation create & destroy old business models and create new ones, we are here to shepard in the new while providing for the old.

Our Platform is created to be the middleware between legacy EDI systems and new autonomous trucking platforms: supporting analog documents while encourgaging a move to a completely digital documents. It’s the reason why we like to say we “network, networks.”

Freight Trust Protocol for Smart Contracts enables not just a completely paperless workflow for carriers, it also provides new opportunities for leveraging data to make better decisions.

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246 Brannan Street
San Francisco, CA

20929 Ventura Blvd STE 47-327
Woodland Hills, CA

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T: +628 222-5915

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Trade is the biggest sector of the economy, bigger than the financial sector.

How will you embrace the blurring of trade, finance and technology in the years to come?