$BOL/$ARY Token Exchange

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Depreciation of $ARY and how to convert it to $BOL

As part of the acquisition of assets from Block Array Inc. The $ARY Token (ERC-20) will be depreciated in favor of a new token called, $BOL.

$BOL is short for “Bill of Lading” and aligns with FreightTrust’s focus on providing products and solutions for the logistics and supply chain industry.

1 $BOL = 1 $ARY
You may send $ARY to this Address:

The swap deadline is at the end of January 2020. If for some reason you have not swapped before then, you must e-mail us at

The $BOL Contract address is:

The $BOL Token Tracker can be found:

For information on governance and network usage please read our RuleBook:

The utilities for $BOL include:
– Staking $BOL to earn $FTN (the Freight Trust Native token). $FTN is not a tradable asset.
– Hosting a Node on the Network to Earn Block Rewards (a.k.a. Master Nodes)
– Creating and Submitting Transactions to the Network (e.g. Shipping Documents or Warehouse Receipts).
– Access to Layer-2 Capabilities
– Creating a Side-Chain

More capabilities will be added as our roadmap progresses.

We would like to thank both communities for their support,

the team at Freight Trust.