Next Generation EDI
Digital Freight Management

From an Industry Exclusive Automated Detention Claims & Same-day Invoicing to Automated Price Quoting and Dispatching, enable a seamless communications platform that integrates with your Transportation Management System, Accounting, Dispatching, ELD, & more.


Next Generation EDI for Cutting Edge Logistics

From 100% Complete Digital Workflow to Supporting Paper-based documents, the Freight Trust Platform works for 100% of your customers, even hazardous material shippments or ITAR Export Controlled Goods.

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Freight Trucking partners and companies can proactively schedule shipment pickups and deliveries, digitally confirm pickups and deliveries, and provide digital proof of deliveries (PODs) & even sign 100% digitally without any use of paper bills of lading.

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Digital Freight Management

Clear and Transparent Pricing

Freight Trust Platform is designed to create a seamless communication workflow. Think of it as a Control Tower, EDI and TMS rolled into one.

  • Inform carriers of your desired rates and work out if a job is profitable for you.
  • At-a-glance outline of your finances and shipment timing over several time frames. Provide management with an easy to use dashboard for visuals.
  • Invite new shippers and carriers directly through the FMCSA database
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The [Freight Trust] Platform fits into our existing solution set and exceeds our expectations. It has fulfilled all of our digital freight requirements, seamlessly. Phone and Text support has been superb.

Customer #2LTL Carrier

Being able to chain together deliveries & see who is deadheading has greatly increased our operational capacity without increasing costs. Love these features!

Customer #13PL Carrier

Being able to add new shippers for without additional cost has been a huge reason for buy-in from our customers. The on-boarding process was easy and improved our dispatching and scheduling.

Customer #3FTL Carrier

We are the only provider

that completely automates

detention, invoicing, & more.

Port Operations available at the Port of Oakland and Port of Los Angeles

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Whitelabel | Invoice Factoring | Detention Claims Processing | Accounting & Payroll | ELD Compliance | & more

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